Retro Gym Bag

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Retro Gym Bag

Think gym bags don’t look as good as they used to? Well, think again! This stylish, retro gym bag is just the right size for your training shoes and gym gear. Having one of these stylish gym bags will make you feel nostalgic about your school days!

It doesn’t stop at the gym – you can use this gym bag for any type of sports – swimming, tennis, football, you name it. Also perfect for those weekends away!

Made from a high quality PU leather, this keeps the costs down, but still has the authentic look and feel. This bag is designed to carry all of your gym gear, and take the abuse that comes with it. It also comes in two unique styles, so choosing the one you prefer may be a difficult choice!

Being a high quality PU leather (similar to that found on boxing gloves), dealing with sweat and water stains is no problem. Simply wipe the bag down and it’s good to go, designed to last, and look like new.


  • Material: PU Leather
  • Capacity: 20-35L
  • Dimensions: 30*45*30cm (H * L * W)
  • Waterproof
  • Separate Shoe Compartment
  • Multiple Colours Available

Retro Bag Handy Tip

To keep your retro gym bag clean and fresh, wipe down regularly with a fragrant free baby wipe. If you’ve had a hard gym session, a multi surface anti-bacterial cloth will keep your sports bag clean and fresh.

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